Ching's Amazing Asia- Food Network - (2016)

Episodes: 10X 30 minutes

Episode breakdown:

Episode 1 - Hong Kong
Golden Foodie Gems in HK - Best of the best

For the first episode of the series, I am heading to Hong Kong where I am visiting the Sham Shui Po District in Kowloon and stopping by a dim sum joint, known as the world's most affordable Michelin starred restaurant. I get to cook with Owner/Chef Mak Kwai Pui before swinging by Lee Keung Kee, a Classic stall in Kowloon for some Egg waffles also known as "Little Golden Eggs", one of the most popular street snack items in HK. Then on to Mamasan, a restaurant big on Asian street food flavours that takes influences from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Executive Chef Gede Budiana, shows me his signature dishes. Time for a sweet sensation, I head to Mrs Chan's Kam Wah Café in Kowloon. This old school HK "Tea restaurant" or "Cha Chaan Teng" is famous for their "Pineapple Bun" and "Yin Yong Tea" and I just couldn't resist. Finally, I sample Michelin star cuisine cooked by Executive Chef Mok Kit Keung at the Shang Palace who shares his wok secrets to get the best char on his signature dish.

Episode 2 - Taipei
Clever and Inventive Taiwanese

Episode 2 is in my home city, Taipei! I visit James' Kitchen, an inventive home-style restaurant bringing a unique spin to Taiwanese cuisine. It was great to cook with Head Chef Ching Wen Cheng! Next I head to Shin Yeh a 38 year-old Taiwan Institution, founded by Madame Lee Xiu Ying with over 178 dishes on the menu. Lan Jia Gua Bao is considered by many to be one of the best snack joints in Taipei and I drop in to meet Mr. Lan who has 20 years of experience making the famous Taiwan hamburger - "Gua Bao" or "Tiger Bites Pig". Taipei is baking hot in the summer, just the excuse I need to visit Ice Monster for some gigantic fluffy avalanches of shaved ice to cool off! Finally, I check out Hao Chi a local hangout famous for their "Danzai Noodles" a shrimpy porky ramen like dish.

Episode 3 - Okinawa
Soulful Island - One of a kind Mix

Episode 3, I check out Urizun, a 40-year old Japanese Izakaya style pub. I get to cook with Chef Shoshin Asato who teaches her how to make a local delicacy and sample an array of Traditional Okinawan bites. Next I visit Pork Tamago Onigiri Honten with Katsuaki Kiyokawa inventor of the Pork and Tamago Onigiri I loved cooking with Chef Shoko Takara of Suji Guwa, known for her home-style Okinawan dishes. Tacos-Ya is a small joint serving up a Japanese-American fusion dish "Taco Rice". Owner/Chef Taeko Arime knows how to make this fast food the best. I nose around Makishi Kusetsu Ichiba, the oldest market in Okinawa, and buy some fresh seafood to take to the restaurant, Honen, upstairs for Chef Toyo Higa to work her magic.

Episode 4 - Hong Kong
Baos, Seafood and Suckling Pig - Cantonese Comfort Staples

In episode 4, I return to Hong Kong and cook with May Chow, owner and chef of Little Bao a popular hangout on HK Island that fuses Cantonese ingredients with American diner comfort food. I then head to Sing Hueng Yuen, my favourite outdoor eating stall in Hong Kong. I visit the traditional Wong Nai Chung Wet market in the Happy Valley area of HK Island and checks out the fresh produce before cooking with wok master Chan Chong Fei of Gi Kee. Stopping by at Yan Toh Heen, a 30-year old institution with Two - Michelin stars, I cook with Executive Chef Lai Yiu Fai, famed for his meat dis

Episode 5 - Macau
Back to School with culinary Masters in Macau

This week I stay in Macau, with its unique mix of Chinese and Portuguese heritage. I cook with Head Chef David Wong of IFT serves high-class Portuguese-Macanese dishes without the premium price tag! I visit Chan Kong Kei, a joint in Macau famous for serving "Black Pepper Duck". They must be masters at it - this dish has been going for over 50 years! On to Belos Tempos with Owner/Head Chef Anna Manhao Sou, who specializes in home- style Macanese cuisine and teaches me her version of the home-style comfort classic. I joined the locals and chowed down at Café Nam Ping, one of the oldest cafés in Macau. Run by owner, Leong Yu Der, it serves regulars Cantonese comfort food. For a taste of luxury, I visit the extraordinary "The Eight". This hidden gem in the Grand Lisboa Casino boasts 3 Michelin Stars. They serve Cantonese fusion like no other. Executive Chef Yeung Kok Chio cooks his signature dish.

Episode 6 - Taipei
It started with a Stall

I am travelling back to my home city of Taipei where I meet Owner/Head Chef Ms Zhang of Dai Lai Xiao Guan whose bringing Taiwanese street-stall comfort foods in a more formal setting. Taiwan Shilin night market has one stall that is all the rave - Hot Star Chicken. The giant "Fried Chicken" fillets have reached superstar status since first opening in 1992. I visit Yong He Dou Jiang Wang, my favourite Taiwanese breakfast joint. Yuan Huan Bian specializes in making "Oyster Omlette", I cook with Mr. Lai who churns out so many he needs a conveyor belt to transport them to the diners! I love Taiwanese Street Food and head to Ning Xia night market to sample some of the best including "Lun Piah" - Taiwan's most famous spring roll, from a stall that has been there for more than 70 years.

Episode 7 - Hong Kong
Stacks of Flavour

I travel back to Hong Kong where I discover Stack, a trendy eatery that uses pancakes as the base for their dishes. Co-Owner/Chef Joshua Ng shows Ching how to make their signature dishes. I stop off at Lab Made Ice - a parlour that makes super-smooth ice cream using liquid nitrogen. I head to a Lin Heung Kui, a Classic Dim Sum Trolley restaurant in the Sheung Wan District. Head chef Lee Yun Ming shows her the secret to making "Har Gau Shrimp dumplings". Doing it like the locals, at Kung Wo Do Bun, I enjoy an all day Tofu breakfast and on to explore the busy district of Mong Kok sampling street food booths providing the perfect pit stop snacks.

Episode 8 - Macau
So the Chinese left a mark in Macau

I cook with founding Chef Antonio Coelho, who owns Antonio's - a Macau institution serving up the best Portuguese food in Macau. With 1 Michelin star, this chef loves to serenade & entertain his guests. I visit Lord Stow's Bakery, famous all over Macau for their take on Portuguese Pastel de Nata. I cook with Chef Chan Wai Fan of Seng Cheong, a Cantonese dive known for their take on seafood. Tak Lei Lo Kei is an old school Cantonese café known for their fusion dish - "Pork Chop Bun" - fried Chinese pork cutlet sandwiched between two Portuguese bread rolls. I roll in and roll out! For fine Chinese food in Macau look no further than "Jade Dragon" in the City of Dreams Casino. With 2 Michelin Stars, I loved cooking their famous dishes with Chef Tam Kwok Fung and leave a "happy chef".

Episode 9 - Tokyo
The Buzzing Capital of Deliciousness

I check out Tskiji Fish Market, the biggest fish market in the World. I head to a popular Sushi joint - Sushi Kuni found just off the market, to get a Sushi masterclass from Owner/Chef Yoshimitsu Kokuba. I visit Go Go Curry, a chain restaurant in Tokyo cooking up Katsu curry like no other. I cook with Chef Takayuki Goto of Aoba - a Michelin starred joint serving the very best Ramen in Tokyo. Blacows is a burger joint serving up Japanese-American fusion "Wagyu Beef Burgers". Founder/Head Chef Ryo Fukishima shows me how to elevate this fast food - Japanese style! Finally, I check out Tsuna Hachi, opened since 1923, famed for the Japanese culinary art of agemono - deep-frying and get a masterclass with Chef Kuwata.

Episode 10 - Hong Kong
An Explosion of Flavours

The last episode of the series, back to Hong Kong. I discover Ho Lee Fook a funky Chinese Kitchen inspired by the old school late-night 1960's hangouts of New York Chinatown and cook with Taiwanese-born head chef Jowett Yu. For a spot of casual dining, I head to Temple Street Spice Crab, a gem that serves a multitude of seafood dishes. Chilli Fagara is a Sichuan restaurant that's mad about spice. Located in the Soho district of HK, it packs fiery heat and big flavours. Head Chef Wai he shows me how to make "Emperor's Chilli Prawns" and "Crispy Spicy Beef". For a true taste of HK, I check out Mak's Noodle - a HK institution before going in search of more flavour at BEP, Vietnamese for "Kitchen". It's a casual home-style Vietnamese joint that is popular with locals in HK. Head Chef Helen shows me how to make their classic "Beef Pho".

BIG EAT - Food Network - Host/Presenter 10 episodes (2015)

Episodes: 10X 30 minutes

Episode breakdown:

Episode 1: Soy Far, Soy Good

Ching is joined by Mauritian Masterchef-winner Shelina Permaloo. They'll both be using the classic Chinese staple, Soy Sauce at the centre of their dishes - Ching's warming Chilli & Soy Braised Beef and Shelina's Rice & Prawn bowl, a fabulous fusion of Asian and Mauritian flavours.

Episode 2: Rice Wine Wonders

Spanish star chef Omar Alibhoy is joining Ching in The Big Eat kitchen for a wine tasting with a difference; they'll both be cooking with Shaoxing Rice Wine, an essential cornerstone to Chinese cuisine. Omar is using it to put an Asian spin on a Spanish classic, Mackerel Escabeche with Olive Tapenade, while Ching is creating a delicious Drunken Chicken Salad.

Episode 3: Viva Vinegar

Master Chocolatier, Paul A Young, is joining Ching in The Big Eat kitchen where they'll both be making dishes with Rice Vinegar. Ching is using to pack a punch in her Hot and Sour Soup with Pork Dumplings, while Paul takes this normally savoury ingredient and applies it to a dark and decadent Chocolate Tart.

Episode 4: Sergeant Sichuan Pepper

Caribbean cooking Queen, Andi Oliver, is joining Ching to take on Sichuan Peppercorns. Andi will be adding a spicy kick to her classic Roast Pork belly, while Ching will create Sichuan Aubergine in a crispy batter and a sticky sour sauce.

Episode 5: Noodle Wars

Theo Randall brings his passion for Italian cookery to The Big Eat kitchen today, where he and Ching will reignite that age-old debate about which came first - pasta or noodles. For Team Italy, Theo will present his homemade Taglietelle, Bresaola and Radicchio while Ching counters for Team China with her Spicy Mushroom Mung Bean Salad.

Episode 6: Tofu Fighters

Korean-American Chef Judy Joo is in The Big Eat kitchen with Ching, both giving their interpretation of tasty Tofu. Judy's Spicy Kimchi Stir-Fried Belly Pork will warm the cockles of your heart, while Ching's take on General Tso's Tofu will provide a dash of spice.

Episode 7: Three is a Magic Number

Top Scottish Chef, Tony Singh is joining Ching in The Big Eat kitchen to tackle the Holy Trinity of Chinese cooking; Garlic, Chilli and Ginger. Tony will be using them to put an oriental spin on his Haggis Pot Stickers, while Ching uses them to flavour her simple but sumptuous Aromatic Clams. She'll also be barbecuing juicy Hoisin Chicken Thighs with Chicory.

Episode 8: Open Sesame

Celebrated American-Chinese Chef, Bobby Chinn, is joining Ching in the kitchen to cook up some of his favourite food featuring Toasted Sesame Oil, a key ingredient in Asian cuisine. He'll be using it in a Salmon Cha, a fabulous Vietnamese street food dish, while Ching makes the most of it's flavoursome properties in her comforting Chicken Noodle Soup.

Episode 9: Five Spice Up Your Life

Prepare to get spicy as baking star Stacie Stewart joins Ching in The Big Eat kitchen. Both are taking Five Spice, an aromatic and flavoursome blend of Chinese ingredients. Stacie is whipping up an indulgent Carrot Cake with an Asian twist, topped with cream cheese frosting and peanut brittle, while Ching creates crispy Chinese Chicken Wings using her very own special, Five Spice blend.

Episode 10: Black Bean Bonanza

Wok wonder Jeremy Pang is heading to The Big Eat kitchen to heat things up with Ching. They'll both be whipping up dishes featuring fabulous Fermented Black Beans - Jeremy's giving us his take on a takeaway classic, Beef in Black Beans, while Ching is providing a taste of the southern seas with her Black Bean Scallops and Samphire.


Channel: Cooking Channel
Episodes: 13X 30 minutes

Episode guide:

Episode 1: JC Chinese Restaurant

Ching-He Huang is on her way to the traditionally Italian neighborhood of South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to help Joe and Renae DeCristo. These Italian-American siblings are surprisingly the owners and managers of JC Chinese restaurant, a business opened by their pioneering late father in the 1950s. Like the décor, Joe's and Renae's food is stuck in a time warp. To save their business Ching needs them to modernize their dated décor and their menu, but she is met with resistance at every turn from Joe who is not ready to change. Will Ching finally convince Joe that the only way to honor their father's legacy is to move forward and modernize? Or is it too late to bring JC Chinese into the 21st century?

Episode 2: Pho Barclay

Ching-He Huang's next destination is Cherry Hill, New Jersey. When brother and sister, Jim Ong and Anita Te, opened Vietnamese restaurant Pho Barclay the lines were out the door. One year later, the business has slowed, and the food has become boring and predictable. Ching is shocked to discover that Anita is bank rolling the struggling business, as well as financing her brother's hobby as an amateur inventor. Jim and Anita need to focus their resources on the restaurant and reinvent their food and decor if it is to survive. They tell Ching they're up for change, but are they really up for the challenge?

Episode 3: Chal Chilli

Ching-He Huang hails a yellow taxi, headed to New York City's Murray Hill - or Curry Hill as it is affectionately known. She is tasked with saving a Pakistani mother and daughter's failing restaurant. It was mom Alia Kiani's dream to open up her Indian-Thai fusion restaurant one year ago, but the restaurant is not attracting customers and has terrible online reviews. Ching has to convince Alia and her daughter Ayesha that the only way to increase business is to completely overhaul their take out business. Will Ching's culinary expertise be enough to turn this restaurant around and help draw in customers?

Episode 4: Joey Thai

Ching-He Huang's dishing out culinary therapy at a Thai restaurant in Montclair, New Jersey. After their first restaurant in Manhattan failed, ex-husband and ex-wife team, Joey and Jumi Yuwprayowg, had hoped for better luck opening their business. Sadly, after only a year they have found themselves struggling to make more than $100 a day. Now the stresses of operating a failing restaurant are taking a toll. To save money Jumi has a full-time day job, and rushes to the restaurant at night to make deliveries. Joey runs the business like a dictatorship doing everything from cooking to serving, with a temper so unpredictable that no one wants to work with him. With stressed out owners at the helm, can Ching turn this restaurant around? Or is a change of ownership what is really needed?

Episode 5: Fusion Fire

Ching-He Huang's next restaurant seems like a lost cause from the get go. Hidden in a nondescript mall in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania with no obvious signage, it is a challenge to even find this restaurant. Frank and Vivian Dominick gave up their careers to run Fusion Fire with no prior restaurant experience. To add to their difficulties, the head sushi chef quit taking three other staff employees with him. With every penny they own invested in the business, Frank and Vivian refused to give up. Frank immediately jumped into the role of head chef and, in an attempt to draw more customers, added to their menu. Unfortunately, more choices have meant more confusion and fewer customers. Can Ching give them the direction they need before they lose their livelihood?

Episode 6: Kirakuya Sake

New York City's Koreatown is the location for Ching-He Huang's next struggling restaurant. Run by fun-loving owner May Cho, Kirakuya Sake used to be the place to drink and party for the Korean and Japanese communities- with May at the center of the fun. Unfortunately, these days the party appears to be over. Business has declined as fewer and fewer customers come in to eat, drink or socialize with May. With a personal investment in the business she is too scared to look at her numbers, and does not know the true extent of the difficulties, but an empty restaurant is a sure sign that things are bleak. Is it May's big personality, or her big menu that is turning people off? Is it too late for Ching to rein in May's party-girl ways and get her more focused on her food than on having fun?

Episode 7: Red Panda Asian Bistro

In this one hour special, Ching-He Huang brings her culinary magic to a restaurant in Queens, New York that is on the verge of extinction. Business partners Roger Quan, Sam Cheng and Paulina Gonzalez opened Red Panda Asian Bistro a year ago, and have tried everything to attract customers to their restaurant. They extended their menu to include Chinese, Thai, Korean and Japanese options, but they feel the additions have left customers overwhelmed with too many choices and substandard fare. After failing to wow with their food, they have hosted weekend entertainment, including magic shows, and karaoke to draw in the crowds. This business needs more than a few magic tricks to save it. Can Ching pull the rabbit from the hat and turn this empty restaurant into a successful business?

Episode 8: Fumio Grill

Ching-He Huang packs up her cleaver and heads to Livingston, New Jersey to help save a failing kosher sushi joint that has lost its way. When owner Kevin Lipka admits from the start that the restaurant is for sale, Ching is suspicious that he has already given up. Redemption could be too late for this ailing restaurant and things only get worse when Kevin receives the stunning news that his kosher certification is being taken away. Can the restaurant be saved before it is too late?

Episode 9: Golden China

Ching-He Huang is heading east, to a struggling restaurant in Canton, Massachusetts. Golden China's been in the Chen family since the 1970s, and since then neither menu nor decor have changed. Golden China was once considered Canton's answer to Boston's "Cheers" bar; a popular Chinese sports bar-themed restaurant. Now it has hit hard times and the bar can no longer turn a profit. Will Ching be able to help the Chen family continue their legacy? Will their restaurant remain empty despite Ching's best attempts to drag their dated Americanized Chinese menu and decor into the 21st century?

Episode 10: Kathy's Chinese Cuisine

Baron and Christine are the owners of Kathy's Chinese Cuisine, a 20 year-old restaurant that desperately needs Ching's help. Baron and his wife have ploughed their entire life savings into this restaurant, but after 20 years of business, things are at an all-time low. Baron cooks a "healthy" Californian Chinese style of cooking; no canned foods or animal fats. They are not profitable enough to hire a chef, frequently work seven-day weeks, and are losing money hand over fist. The couple is so stressed that customers frequently witness their constant arguments. If Baron will not listen to his wife, how can Ching expect to be heard? Can this couple reconcile their differences and turn this restaurant around?

Episode 11: Naked Chorizo

Food trucks are the latest foodie fad, but one truck in San Francisco is suffering from an identity crisis and has called in Ching-He Huang to help. Zenia Llamas was inspired to make her own "naked chorizo," the spicy Spanish sausage served without the usual casing. A food truck showcasing Zenia's chorizo-based Spanish-Filipino dishes was the logical next step. Things started to veer off course when customers, confused by the name and branding, assume that Naked Chorizo is a Mexican food truck. Their reluctance to try the fusion fare has resulted in the food truck's profits coming to a skidding halt. Zenia, however is a strong-minded firebrand who refuses to change the name of her business. Can Ching put this food truck back on the right track or will she be on a collision course with Zenia from the start?

Episode 12: Korea House

Ching is heading to Silicon Valley to help a restaurant owner keep her establishment afloat. Hye Kim is the owner of Korea House, a restaurant specializing in a Korean all-you-can-eat buffet. With big tech companies and college campuses nearby, it should be filled to the rafters with hungry office workers, but it is failing to attract customers. She has also borrowed thousands from her family and friends who are bankrolling her restaurant. Hye has little restaurant experience and finds it hard to be authoritative without shouting, struggling to earn the respect of her staff. With bankruptcy looming, can Ching help this failing restaurant before it is forced to shutter?

Episode 13: Thai Rock

Ching's heads to iconic Rockaway Beach in New York to help a waterfront restaurant that has already survived despite the odds. Two years ago, ex-Wall Street worker Robert and his Thai wife Metta's beachfront restaurant Thai Rock was decimated by Hurricane Sandy. The cleanup operation left them in debt, and Robert has sunk everything he owned into Thai Rock. Two years later, the surrounding neighborhood has not fully recovered from the devastation and with people still struggling to cover the cost of home restoration, paying to eat out is considered a luxury not many can afford. Helping a struggling restaurant survive within the recovering Rockaway community sounds like mission impossible. Has Ching finally bitten off more than she can chew?


Channel: Cooking Channel
Episodes: 13X 30 minutes

Episode guide:

Episode 1: King Yum

Ching is heading to Fresh Meadows, New York to help save a failing Tiki themed Chinese Restaurant. King Yum has been in Robin Ng's family for over 60 years, but in recent years business has dropped drastically. Ching will have to convince Robin and his wife that the over fried, greasy, bland dishes that they insist their customers love have to go. Will Ching's culinary expertise and tough love be enough to turn this restaurant around and help Robin rediscover his passion?

Episode 2: New Mandarin

Ching packs up her cleaver and heads to Farmington Hills, Michigan to save failing family restaurant New Mandarin Garden. There Ching takes on bickering brothers Gary and Jerry Che, as they work together to revamp this outdated Chinese restaurant and bring it into the 21st century. Can the brothers get along long enough to make the restaurant a success? Only time will tell.

Episode 3: Shogun Palace

Shogun Palace in Flushing, Queens boasts a whopping 23,000 square foot dining room and banquet hall...all of it empty. To save the business, owner David Wong and Chef William Chen enlist Ching's help to transform their over-the-top banquet style menu to modern Japanese. In the process David and William bid farewell to some seriously fishy décor in the dining room.

Episode 4: Saigon 39

Ching is headed to Kansas City, MO to a family run Vietnamese restaurant. Mimi Perkins opened Saigon 39 to rave reviews and lines down the block. Now, over 20 years later, the restaurant is in the hands of Mimi's children, Linda and Victor, and business has plummeted. Although officially retired, Mimi is still the boss. Ching needs to bring the dishes and the décor to the 21st century and get Mimi to take a step back and let Victor and Linda run the restaurant. Victor and Linda say they are ready for change...but are they really up for the challenge?

Episode 5: Yen Ching Express

John Bian along with his parents and wife run a struggling Chinese restaurant in Bloomington, IL. The restaurant is the only income for the family and as sales continue to drop, tensions have begun to run high. Due to the families lack of communication and leadership the restaurant has fallen into a state of disrepair. To turn the failing restaurant around Ching will need to convince the feuding family that they need an entirely new restaurant concept-and that they need to work together to make it happen.

Episode 6: Assembly

With their profit margins in the red, Assembly Steakhouse had to lay off 90% of their staff. Now, owner Jack Koumbis is pushing his three children to help him run the business. But, his leadership techniques are questionable, and temperatures are flaring at home and in the kitchen. So, it's up to Ching to help this family stick together, while updating their miserable restaurant, before everything goes up in flames.

Episode 7: Tenshi Sushi

Ching travels to Houston, Texas to help battling siblings Nina and Ung get their fledgling Sushi restaurant back on track. Instead of fighting against their Laotian roots, and each other, Ching shows them how to bring their heritage to the forefront and create a successful spin on traditional Southeast Asian cuisine. Can brother and sister finally set aside their differences to make their business a success?

Episode 8: Flame Asian Tapas

Don, Bryan and Li opened Flame Asian Tapas in Rossford, Ohio only six months ago, but they're already in danger of closing. Ching must streamline their unique restaurant concept in order to turn their business around. She'll be swapping their existing sub-par flaming dishes with easy to share and easy to prepare Asian tapas with a focus on the owners' own Korean heritage. With their lack of restaurant experience will Ching be able to teach these three old college buddies all they need to know to pull their restaurant out of the red?

Episode 9: Shiki Wok

In Bloomfield, New Jersey, Ching faces one of her toughest challenges yet at a traditional Chinese restaurant that hasn't been touched in over 20 years. Ching helps owner Ming bring his old and tired dishes from outdated to modern Chinese American with a twist. Can Ching convince Ming that his old ways will drive him out of business if he doesn't heed her advice?

Episode 10: Satay

Ching takes off for Austin, Texas to revive a 26 year old Thai restaurant that is stuck in the 1980's. With tired Thai cuisine on the menu, Ching must convince stubborn owner Foo that updating her food won't drive away customers but give the restaurant a whole new life. Can she bring Foo the success she once had again?

Episode 11: Crimson

In Dallas, Texas Ching arrives to help two former best friends, Selena and Hanna, mend their friendship and their failing business. After a falling out has led these two friends of 20 years to stop talking and stop making a profit, Ching shows them how to fix their Vietnamese cuisine while hashing out their personal issues in the process.

Episode 12: Session Bistro

After investing over $200,000 of his own money into struggling restaurant Session Bistro, owner Joe Troy is in dire straits. So Ching heads to Maywood, New Jersey to give this confused fusion restaurant a serious menu and décor overhaul. By focusing the food on Joe's Hawaiian heritage will the restaurant be able to say aloha to success?

Episode 13: Xie

Ching travels to the college town of Iowa City, IA to help General Manager Wes Lewis save struggling restaurant Xie...and learns of a unique deal. If Wes can help the restaurant being in $30,000 in one month, owner Jennifer Xie will let him take over the restaurant. If he can't, she will cut her losses and close the restaurant's doors. With the clock ticking, can Ching turn this sinking ship around.

Easy Chinese: New York and Los Angeles Season 2- Cooking Channel - Presenter/Host (2012)


Channel: Cooking Channel
Episodes: 13X 30 minutes

Episode guide:
Chinatown Unexpected
Use Your Noodle
Rosenthal's Cocktail Party
LA's Late Night Street Eats
Little Taiwan
Holy Trinity
Chinese Like it Hotter
American Classics
Do they Eat Egg Rolls in China
Sweet Chinese
A Day in Chinatown

Easy Chinese: San Francisco Season 1 - Cooking Channel - Presenter/Host (2011)


Synopsis: Ching-He Huang is on a mission to show viewers that they can prepare mouth-watering Chinese dishes using fresh, readily available ingredients. Why order takeout when you can actually make a quick and healthy Chinese meal with what you already have in your kitchen? Ching explores all that San Francisco and the Bay Area have to offer by visiting local markets, farms and suppliers. She finds the best ingredients and cooks them right then and there at the peak of their freshness. Armed with her friendly style and vast knowledge, Ching is out to prove that Chinese cuisine can be simple, healthy, fun and delicious.
Channel: Cooking Channel
Episodes: 13X 30 minutes

Episode guide:
Episode 1: Wok Skills and simple stir fries

Ching He-Huang brings her skills to Chinatown's Wok Shop where she shows us how to pick out, season and clean a wok. After sharing a meal with the shop's legendary owner, she heads to the Berkeley Bowl grocery store to pick up Chinese ingredient basics and whip up more quick dishes in her brand new wok. Recipes: Ginger, Grated Carrot, Sesame Green Beans, Three Cup Chicken, Vegetable Lettuce Wraps, Yangzhou Fried Rice.

Episode 2: Healthy Takeout Favourites

Chef Chris Cosentino joins Ching He Huang at San Francisco's Ferry Plaza Market to scout the freshest ingredients the city has to offer. She teaches a busy mom how to make healthy homemade takeout, and wraps things up at the Far West Fungi Mushroom Farm to source mushshrooms for a simple yet exotic dish. Recipes: Sweet and Sour Fish Fillets, Vegetable Chow Mein, Posh Chopped Suey (Fragrant Chicken and Mushroom Stir Fry), General Tso's Chicken.

Episode 3: Sichuan Spice

Father and daughter restaurateurs, Kathy and Peter Fang, invite Ching He Huang to their restaurant for a Szechuan feast. Inspired by the duo, she brings the heat with her own Szechuan-style Crispy Shrimp. Then, at the San Jose Farmer's Market, she gets her hot, hot chili on with Kung Pao Beef and a spicy chocolate pick-me-up. Recipes: Mapo Dofu, Szechuan-Style Crispy Shrimp, Kung Pao Beef, Spiced-Chocolate Covered Fresh Fruit.

Episode 4: Fast Food and Street Food

Ching He Huang takes fast and easy food to the street with treats like Paper-Wrapped Crispy Salt-and-Pepper Chicken. She teams up with the Chairman Bao Bun food truck to serve up the belly in the heart of San Francisco. Then, she scouts a prime spot for a friend-filled picnic beside the breathtaking Golden Gate Bridge. Recipes: Paper Wrapped Crispy Salt and Black Pepper Chicken, Braised Pork Belly Bao with Peanuts, Golden Gate Chili Ribs, Jasmine-Lemon Iced Tea.

Episode 5: Fusion Food

Armed with her seasoned wok, Ching He Huang crosses culinary borders when she visits Chef Chris Yeo at Straits Restaurant and Miguel Jara at La Taqueria. In San Francisco's colorful Mission District, she goes for full-fusion flavor with a Chino-Latino soon to be classic: Crispy Duck and Asian Pear Tacos. Will her dish pass the taco test? Recipes: Red Curry Chicken Stir Fry, Italian-Fusion Soba Noodle Salad, Crispy Duck and Asian Pear Tacos, Lychee Raspberry Apple Crumble.

Episode 6: Dim Sum

There's nothing more Chinese than dim sum. Ching He Huang visits Great Eastern Dim Sum House to peek at the masters at work, then she heads south to source seasonal sweetness at Gizdich Fruit Farm. Back in her kitchen, she finds three junior sous chefs to lend a hand and taste her savory and sweet delights! Recipes: Prawn and Chive "Shui Jiao" (Water Dumplings), Steamed Pork and Mushroom "Siu Mai" Dumplings, Roast Pork Pastry Puffs, Iced tea/gelato/fruit Drink.

Episode 7: Shellfish and Seafood

Asian seafood is scrumptious; especially if it's from a sustainable source. Ching He Huang goes under the boardwalk to the Monterey Abalone Farm to harvest California reds for her Crispy Salt and Pepper Abalone with Soy Ginger and Sweet Chili. And later she brings the 'mussels' when she hosts a shellfish soiree with the Diesel Fish Dragon Boat Racers where they train in Foster City. Recipes: Crispy Salt and Pepper Abalone with Soy Ginger and Sweet Chili dipping sauces Softshell Chili Crabs Black Bean Mussels with Chinese Beer Communist "Mule" Cocktail.

Episode 8: Perfect Party Food

Chinese food is great for a party! Ching He Huang puts easy Chinese on the map, on the table and in your mouth when she pleases the crowd at her Auntie Mei-Lin's retirement shindig in San Francisco's South Bay. She stocks up at Oakland's bustling Rockridge Market Hall to make her nibble and sip favorites. Recipes: Sweet and Sour Pork Sliders, Crispy Salt & Pepper Squid with Asian Salad, Pork and Prawn Boiled Wontons, Mandarin Martinis.

Episode 9: Chinese BBQ

Ching He Huang gets naughty with a decadent barbecue menu including her favorite BBQ Yellow Bean Chicken and Sticky Soy and Orange Beef Rolls. When she drops in on the Bad S BBQ Team in San Jose, she commands the grill and brightens up the party with a refreshing Lychee Mojito. Recipes: BBQ Yellow Bean Chicken and Chinese Long Beans, Spicy Soy Ribs with Wasabi Slaw, Sticky Soy and Orange Beef Rolls, Lychee Mojito

Episode 10: Perfect Balance - Ying and Yang

What's a little Yin without the Yang? Ching He Huang balances her culinary chi at Serendipity Farm with Oyster Chicken and Bok Choy Stir Fry. When she meets Josh Jones and his Latin Jazz Ensemble at San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts, she trades her Grilled Coconut Lobster for a tune! And, the band's as cool yin as her Ginger and Cucumber Cocktail!

Episode 11: Cantonese cuisine

Ching He Huang and Chef Bill Sy meet at Manila Oriental Market for a warm bowl of Mixed Seafood Congee that they share with customers. At the Art Institute, they bond over cherished Cantonese dishes, tips and techniques and make whole fish two ways for a hungry crowd. Back in the kitchen, she brings it home with a Canton-inspired, satisfying fruit dessert. Recipes: Mixed Seafood Congee, Cantonese Style Steamed Whole Fish, Beef and Black Bean Ho-Fun, Fruit Salad with Star Anise Syrup

Episode 12: Chinese comfort Foods

The comforts of Chinese cuisine can be found right in San Francisco! Ching-He Huang explains the art of the hand-pulled noodle at San Dong Noodle House and brings the love with chicken soup Ching-style. Next up, a sticky dish inspired by family traditions and direct-from-London, best mate and tea expert Don Mei rolls through the kitchen to 'take' her for a proper tea. To cap it all off, desert! in the form of a Lychee Raspberry Crumble.

Episode 13: Intimate celebration - An engagement party!
Ching He Huang celebrates big with small plates at Wente Winery in Livermore. An engaged couple gets a five-star welcome with her Lemongrass Lychee Sparkling Cocktail. Then, to make the party extra special she personally serves her Red Bean and Banana Sesame Balls - simple, sweet golden brown bites worthy of romantic Chinese symbolism - to the beaming brides-to-be. Recipe: Peking Duck Spring Rolls, Red Bean and Banana Sesame Balls, Lemongrass Lychee Sparkling Cocktail, Steamed Egg and Scallops in a Tea Cup

Chinese Food in Minutes - Channel 5 - Presenter/Host (2010)


Chinese food has recently been declared the nation's favourite takeaway. With more and more people turning to the joys of home cooking, glamorous young chef and bestselling author Ching-He Huang demonstrates how delicious and healthy authentic cuisine can be. Watching her each week as she prepares three mouth-watering recipes will be volunteers who have never cooked Chinese food before. Will they too prove to be gifted in the kitchen when they have to recreate what they've seen?

Channel: Channel 5
Episodes: 13 X 30 minutes

Episode guide:
Episode 1 Ching-He Huang is joined by gospel choir singers Monica George and Laura Rahaman as she woks up three super-fast versions of old family favourites.

Episode 2 Ching whips up a feast of dinner party classics, including yellow bean scallops with a spicy wild rice salad.


Episode 3 Two cheesemongers turn their taste-buds to a line-up of tasty Chinese dishes, including a traditional hot and sour soup.

Episode 4 Personal trainers look to supplement their healthy lifestyle with Ching's healthy classics, which this week include juicy chilli chicken and an exotic stir-fry.

Episode 5 Ching offers two students a lesson in cooking using the signature 'holy trinity' of garlic, chilli and ginger.


Episode 6 A couple of cheeky carpenters swap their hammers for woks to recreate Ching's irresistible line-up of noodle dishes.

Episode 7 Ching comes to the culinary aid of a pair of young entrepreneurs, with a finger-licking trio of appetisers.

Episode 8 Ching takes two surveyors on a taste tour of China, with her take on dishes including crispy mongolian lamb and Cantonese-style duck.

Episode 9 Two cabbies learn how to wok up fast and easy dinners unique a fusion of flavours, including a unique twist on a great pub classic.

Episode 10 Two Yorkshire estate agents learn new tricks as Ching cooks crispy king prawns in a sweet-and-sour sauce.


Episode 11 Two Manchester nurses experiment with dishes centred around the steaming process, including a traditional Taiwanese chicken recipe, soy-steamed cod, and a sour and spicy chicken dish.

Episode 12 Ching turns up the heat when she helps a pair of professional figure skaters experiment with cooking using hot spices.

Episode 13 A pair of rugby players are introduced to the essential ingredient of tofu, with a complement of saucy beef, oriental mushroom and lobster dishes.

Chinese Food Made Easy - BBC2- Presenter/Host (2008)

Ching reveals how delicious Chinese food can be prepared at home with easy-to-prepare mouth-watering recipes using fresh, healthy and readily available ingredients
Channel: BBC2
Episodes: 6 X 30 minutes

Episode guide:
Episode 1 Takeaway favourites

Ching shows how to prepare Chinese food at home with healthy ingredients


Episode 2 Fast Food and Street Food

Ching demonstrates recipes inspired by her love of Chinese fast food


Episode 3 Seafood

Ching travels to the far north of Scotland in search of the finest seafood


Episode 4 Noodles, dim sum and dumplings

Ching explores the fashionable world of noodles, dim sum and dumplings.



Episode 5 Spicy Sichuan

Ching celebrates the hot and spicy flavours of Sichuan


Episode 6 Cooking for Friends and Family

Ching creates fresh, simple and healthy Chinese dishes for friends and family.


Ching's Kitchen - Good Food Channel - Presenter/Host (2006)


Synopsis: Ching celebrates her love of simple Chinese and South East Asian Fusion dishes in her kitchen.
Channel: Good Food Channel
Episodes: 15 X 30 minutes

Episode guide:
Episode 1 Dim Sum
Ching reveals the secret to making delicate delicious dim sum the easy way. Steamed Sui Mai; deep fried Wontons with dipping sauce; prawn balls; and beef and coriander lettuce wraps. LESS


Episode 2 Take out
Ching proves that all the takeout favourites really can be made at home. Peking duck; sesame prawn toast; and chilli chicken chow mein.


Episode 3 Night and Day
This is a tale of two meals. A simple delicious supper beef teriyaki with steamed spinach and soy and oyster sauce served with steaming rice; and a fry up Chinese style - bacon and egg fried rice.


Episode 4 Rice
Rice comes in many forms - short grain, long grain, red, black, glutinous, wine, vinegar even flour. Ching uses rice in all its guises covering both sweet and savoury dishes - special fried rice; sesame balls with chocolate sauce; chicken pad Thai with rice noodles; and Taiwanese pepper steak with fried egg and steamed rice.


Episode 5 Fast Food
Ching makes delicious fast food for special occasions and everyday meals. Hot chilli prawns, stir fried beef with seasonal greens and noodles, steamed cod with salted black beans; and bang bang chicken.


Episode 6 Noodles
Cold, hot, fried, boiled, in soup, in salads, in a stir fry - noodles are one of the key ingredients in Chinese cooking. Ching makes four recipes using four different types of noodles: sesame chicken salad with crunchy peanut sauce; noodle soup with pan fried glazed pork fillet; Singapore noodles; and prawn tempura.


Episode 7 The Wok
Ching demonstrates how diverse the wok is by using it to deep fry, stir fry, steam and slow cook. Chicken and vegetable spring rolls; chicken and cashew nut stir fry; braise pork belly and aubergine in chilli bean sauce; and ginger chilli soy steamed scallops.


Episode 8 Naughty and Nice
Some days are virtuous 'eat like a super model' days and other days are strictly for bad 'I've been dumped' meals. Ching makes two meals for her friend. First up there's healthy miso soup; yakatori salmon; and pickled salad, followed by a naughty but very nice meal of crispy pork belly and trifle.


Episode 9 Make Ahead
Ching has dinner guests and rather than make everything on the day she prepares a menu that can be made in advance so the party is completely stress free. Char sui; tofu and chilli beef stew; and prawn and lemon noodle salad.


Episode 10 Lunch
Ching proves there's more to lunch than a simple sandwich. In this episode she packs up her bento box with lots of lunchtime favourites - Vietnamese salad with noodles; Taiwanese raw salad rolls; a lychee, mango and pineapple fruit salad in cinnamon syrup; and her take on the humble ham sandwich.


Episode 11 Sweet and Sour
Sweet plays a big role in savoury Chinese cooking. Ching creates some sweet and sour classics and a strictly sweet snack. Chicken sticks with sweet and sour sauce; mango salsa; Thai beef salad; and custard tarts.


Episode 12 Ching SOS
Ching creates a foolproof damsel in distress dinner party menu for a friend in need. This is a come to the rescue completely portable dinner party meal. Thai beef, coriander salad; red salad noodles; and chickpea, lime and coriander salad.


Episode 13 Chilli
Chillies red, green, hot and mild are such a crucial element to Chinese cooking. Ching puts the chilli to good use in four delicious recipes. Chilli spare ribs; green Thai curry; aubergine, tofu and chilli bean sauce; and salmon fish cakes with a sweet chilli sauce.


Episode 14 East Meets West
Ching sets herself a challenge to cook western dishes with an eastern twist. Lemon chicken burgers with sweet potato chips and ginger and vanilla ice cream.


Episode 15 Curry
Sometimes there is no substitute for a decent curry. Ching makes her favourite curry dishes perfect for eating in front of the TV or to impress friends. Green Thai curry sauce; squid balls; and chicken katsu curry.