Drunken Prawns with SamphireCHINESE WONTON SOUP Beef & Broccoli Oyster Sauce Chow MeinLOTUS ROOT AND WOODEAR FUNGUS IN SOY SESAME DRESSING TOSSED IN FINELY CHOPPED CORIANDER Spicy Bacon BroccoliKIMCHI AND WATER CHESTNUT AND ENOKI MUSHROOM STIR FRY SICHUAN FRENCH BEANSSpicy Chicken & Oyster Mushroom Stir fryYellow Bean Pork Belly RibsSpiced lamb chops with Onion & Coriander saladTAIWANESE MEATBALLS WITH LITTLE GEMS AND SWEET CHILLI SAUCEFried Tofu and Baby Bok Choy in Vegetarian Oyster Sauce

Ching's Wok