CRISPY PORK AND PRAWN WONTONSJAPANESE SOBA NOODLE SALAD WITH PRAWN TEMPURAFIERY SINGAPORE NOODLESHEALTHY WOK FRIED CARROTS AND FRENCH BEANSChilli beancurd and mixed oriental mushroom stir fryEgg and Chinese Chive Stir FryChicken and Cucumber Stir Fry with Chilli Bamboo shootsSpiced Chicken Chow MeinCHILLED WATERMELON SKEWERS DIPPED IN A LIME, STRAWBERRY AND RASPBERRY COULISGrilled baby Aubergines with Chinese Salsa VerdeDofu Ru with Gai LanSichuan pepper beef with five a day vegetable with five spice gravy

Ching's Wok